Doctors and scientists are constantly on the go to find ways to make cancer curable. In their efforts, they have definitely come across treatments which are better than the previous ones. Immunotherapy is one such therapy which makes use of the body defences to fight cancer.

What immunotherapy does:

  • Makes immune system work better. Thus, destroying cancer cells.
  • Prevents cancer to spread in other body parts.
  • Stops or slows the growth of cancer cells.

Various types of immunotherapy include:

1. Monoclonal antibodies:

Antibodies are proteins that fight infection. Moniclonal antibodies is a different type of therapy. One of the ways to use it is as a targeted therapy to block an abnormal protein in a cancer cell. However , it is used as immunotherapy. The side effects of this therapy vary depending on i. Hence, it is averagely applicable.

2. Non-specific immunotherapies:

Non-specific immunotherapies also help the immune system destroy cancer cells. This is a secondary treatment. However, it can be the main treatment in some cases as well.

3. Oncolytic virus therapy:

This therapy uses genetically modified viruses, which kill the cancer cells. They multiply themselves when they enter cancer cells. As a result cancer cells burst and die due to the impact. So, side effects are expected.

4. Cancer vaccines:

The immune system is exposed to a specific antigen. Hence, this makes the immune system recognize and destroy the antigen and similar materials. Cancer vaccines come as prevented vaccines and treatment vaccines.

Just like thousand other cancer treatments, these treatments are also in their experimental stage. Read more about such new trends in global market here at Techie Scoops.