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Drones in agriculture: redefining the way India farms


Drones have fought its way and entered many of human’s workspace. From surveillance to delivery to cameras drones are almost everywhere. Slowly and gradually it also found its way into the news and are now also doing surveillance by flying over people and at night time in airports and agriculture too!! Agriculture, yes. India is an agricultural country and almost 60.4% of the Indian land is under agricultural. And so this is the field that the technology can have the greatest impact if it decides.

Steps to drone introduction

Last November the government of Maharashtra held a workshop. The workshop was intended to explain how drones can help in irrigation. It also focused on the outputs that held better results than the current techniques. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis keynoted this workshop. He also assured that the work in this field will improve. Later on, in December, the government issued that permitted the use of drones.

Drones in agriculture

After being of use in surveillance and delivery, military and gaming now drones are all set to extend a helping hand to our farmers. Though they have been doing these tasks for a long time now still this can be called as a new approach.

Drones for irrigation

There are various reasons for the use of drones in agriculture. The most important issue among all other is drought conditions. Keeping the grievances of the farming world into focus there are problems that the researchers need to work upon. To handle drought conditions the researchers are planning to use drones for better and improved irrigation techniques.

Drones for mapping

Farming is a huge field of work. It needs proper strategic planning and also knowledge to do good and profitable farming. Long gone are the days when farming was all about growing crops and selling them in the market. Today farming has taken more of a commercial face. The use of drones will also help in mapping the farming area and allow the farmers to inspect infrastructure.

Drones for delivery

Once the crops are ready to be sold the next most important task is transportation. Definitely, the cost of crops is a factor but drones can do literally nothing in that case. The transportation of grains and other farming products is a tough task. There are already drones of various sizes and shapes that the researchers have tried out for delivery. These delivery drones can pick up packages weighing between 5Kg to 500Kg.

Safety factors

The drones need to be kept a watch on too. The team working on this project said they are planning to make drone corridors. This will ensure safe and assured delivery of the packages. Also, the system will be using the infrastructure to keep a watch on the drones. A digital space platform will be tracking all the drones ensuring they are not breaking any laws.


The country of farmers is now finally concentrating on its farmers. There are ways and times to be tested and passed before this actually comes into practice. India still has a long way to go but the progress will be truly achieved when every factor of the society moves hand in hand. The use of drones in agriculture will gain the farmers the hand they needed to step into the technological world.

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