The video game was a dream and super Mario was the hero of every 90’s kid. Playing games meant afternoons filled with fun, especially the summer holidays. But video games also meant hours in front of the TV screens that posed many risks. These video games that were bliss on the hot summer afternoons have now become a medicine!! Yes, you read it correctly. Video games are now being used as digital medicine to cure a number of diseases. Thinking if a videogame is a cure then falling ill is good?? Well! Not really.

Video games are now acting as medicines to cure disease like autism and ADHD in children.

What is Autism?

Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a term for a group of neurodevelopmental disorders. Usually, a person suffering from autism has problems with communication and social interaction. These people are often restricted, repetitive, and have stereotype interests and patterns of behavior. Though it was a rare disease in the past the times have seen more and more cases of ASD in recent times. There is a debated among the experts on whether the diagnosis rate has increased or the number of children suffering from autism is actually on the rise.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a neurodevelopmental mental disorder. In easy words, it is the problem of the brain. An ADHD patient usually has a problem with paying attention, excessive activity, or has difficulty controlling behavior. It is a well-studied an enough experimented subject, but its cause is still unknown. The patients of ADHD are huge in numbers as compared to ASD.

Why new cure?

Almost 50% of the children suffering from ASD are also suffering from ADHD. But less than 30% of the patients receive the secondary level treatment for ADHD. Also, the medicines are less effective for patients suffering from both the diseases. This is why scientists are now working on discovering better cures for the same.

The EVO project

The EVO project is the study of alternative cure option for ASD and ADHD. The results of this project are much satisfactory. Scientists have obtained better results with this project and are looking forward to exploiting the project to its complete potential. EVO project implements different ways of treatment than just medication. They are trying to work on the pats that portray problem.

The way of treatment

The scientists deliver the treatment with the help of either an action video game or an educational activity that involves pattern recognition. The reports of the project were the caregiver reports of ADHD symptoms and also the ability of the child to plan the execution of a task and take it to completion.

A study showed that the children actually willingly completed the sessions that were a part of the treatment. Parents and the children had a positive response to the treatment. The treatment took the patients an extra mile in the attention paying ability. Also, the treatment helped in treating ASD and to some extent cure maybe not completely but at least make the situation better of the ASHD symptoms too.


The research is still starting and has a long way to go. The treatment also holds the potential to cure these tough levels. Researchers look forward to making the process more efficient and make curing easy and fun with benefits as the primary objective.