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virtual doctors: image of the reality


Visiting a doctor has never been a joy ride for anyone yet. And needing to visit him a number of times is the last thing we wish for. Though now with time there are applications that help you talk to someone just like a virtual doctor. But does it really help is the real question.

What is a virtual doctor?

A virtual doctor is nothing but a virtual representation of the doctor you visit. It can be over a chat or a video call. This reduces the work of traveling all the way to visit a doctor.

There are a number of applications available in the market that provide this service. There are applications that help you communicate with a doctor and gives you solutions and the corresponding without even visiting him in person.

The new turn

There is a significant increase in the number of health-tech startups in the past years. This tech helps a patient to communicate with the doctor without actually visiting him. This is done by live chats or video calls.

This new approach has proved to be really effective. Researchers also state that virtual video visits to a doctor can successfully replace the actual visits a doctor receives. But at the same time, the quality of the visit would not be compromised.

The health app

There are a number of applications that have now made this possible. The virtual visits happen over a secure application over any electronic media that allows one to communicate. There are even applications that help a person when he is depressed or is not much comfortable in sharing his thoughts or finds it too trivial to consult a doctor. In all such conditions, a virtual doctor can help.

The research started in 2013 with 254 patients and 61 clinicians. The results were good enough to implement the project in a wider scope.

The need for the visits

There are cases when the children need to be taken to the hospital number of time for a checkup. Or even adults who have difficulty in walking due to some reasons. This is a helping hand to these people. Visiting a doctor in the time of need is a top priority, and the virtual visits only make it easier. This way the service provided also remains uncompromised and so does the health.


The researcher’s study showed that almost 62 % patients participating in the research study found the facility just like before whereas 21% found it to be better.

Among doctors who participated in the study, the number is 59% and 25%. There were rare cases where the patient actually needs an actual visit and such visits are important enough to take.

79% of people also said that it was easier to fix an appointment for a virtual visit than an actual visit. This not only makes it easier for the patients but also the doctors. Timely and repeated visits can happen easily and without fail with this system.


Visiting a doctor isn’t a good experience and most of us don’t rely on look forward to it. It’s not just the feeling of being sick but also the feel of the doctors OPD. The virtual visits will only make better and make people take things a bit more seriously because definitely just being online won’t hurt.

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