CANCER!!! Does it sound like near death?? Or a life driven by therapies?? a life alive on medicines?? Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?? 50 years back this was definitely the case. But today, the advancement in medical science have made available the medicines to if not cure but at least reduce the sufferings of patients detected with cancer.

No technology is self-sufficient. Every technology can go a step forward if it decides to work with some other technology. A simple problem can get a better solution if seen from a different point of view. Cancer treatment is the need of the hour. Today, medical science is looked up to be a science that gives life to the one who sees death every day. 

The traditional way of treatment

There are various ways cancer is treated even today. It mostly depends on the type of cancer detected and how much it has advanced. medical science provides a few ways of treatment like Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant, precision medicine. These ways of treatment can help but not cure completely.

To overcome this problem and to take medical science a bit ahead towards the total remedy a new way has come ahead. Researchers have found the implementation of virtual reality in cancer treatment research!!! Yes, you have heard it right. researchers are now experimenting with Virtual reality to find the actual reason for cancer. With the current level of advancement, the tumor of cancer is not studied to the core. The tumor still has parts that the human brains have not been able to reach, the blind spot of cancer.


VR to study tumor

Scientists in Cambridge have developed a VR 3D model of cancer. It will provide a better look of the disease. The tumor sample can be studied from every angle. The VR model maps each cell of the tumor sample. As each cell is mapped it provides a better view and better understanding of the tumor. Initially, the researchers took a 1 mm cubic sample of the tumor. It contained almost 100,000 cells. The markers marked the cell according to it’s molecular built-up and the DNA-characteristics. Then the VR model of the tumor is rebuild. This 3D tumor can be analyzed in the Virtual reality Laboratory.

The advantage of using the VR system for the study is that it can be viewed by any number of viewers in any parts of the world. No one has ever studied the geography of tumor in this detail before, say researchers. This might be the reason the actual cure of cancer is still not found. The VR approach has given a new way of looking at cancer.

In the VR library, even though the tumor sample is just 1mm2 it can be magnified to several meters. This feature of the VR laboratory let the researchers ‘fly through the cells.’ Literally meaning that with this advancement the most inside parts of the tumor can also be studied.  The 3D view of the tumor helped to study the way the tumor cells spread and can help in controlling its spreading.


 No science is self-sufficient. Every science is a dependent equation whose unknowns can be found in other sciences. The research in cancer treatment is one such step in finding the unknown variables. If mankind really wants to solve its most complex equations it will have to widen its focus. The widened focus might then help in finding the solutions to these unsolved problems.