Want to go to Mars like Deadpool? Follow these simple steps.

Want to go to Mars like Deadpool? Follow these simple steps.

As Josh Brolin says in the latest trailer of Deadpool 2 “You’re no F’n hero. You’re just a clown dressed up as a sex toy”, Our own mess machine Mr.Deadpool replies with a huge Punch at DC. Deadpool directly hits his butt saying “So Dark! Are you sure you’re not from DC Universe?”. Well now that’s the insight we are looking forward to as this is the first time Marvel universe has tried hitting at DC so openly.  How will DC retaliate to the “Dirty games” of Deadpool? Well, time will answer that question. A shoutout to all DC fans out there. Don’t worry, justice league will have it’s time soon (Laughter in background). Experts say Deadpool 2 is going to be an out of the world experience. Waiting for Mars part? Well, keep reading. You’ll get there soon.

The main insight today we are talking about is the space mission NASA has just launched. Insight is a space mission to study and understands the seismic movements of Martian surface. Following is the basic data made available to people around the world by NASA as on their official website.

Mission Type: Lander
Launch Window Begins: May 5, 2018
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 401
Launch Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Landing: Nov. 26, 2018
Landing Site: Elysium Planitia, Mars

The mission was launched on 05 May 2018. Take a look at this tweet to witness the launch:

Well the insight probe is designed to land on Martian surface and perform few operations. The geo-sensing device is designed to drill down 10ft below the surface of Mars and gather the seismic information. Yes it sounds like Wakandan technology, but trust me it’s just a simple batman thing. I apologize DC fans but I am not sorry.

You must be thinking that why am I writing a full article on a simple Mars mission which is not interesting at all for any of us. But then what makes it so interesting?

The answer is that Insight mission is carrying two microchips which consists of names of common people who signed up for it. Just imagine your name being forever written out of earth. What can be a greater gift to anyone you love? Imagine telling your girlfriend that you have signed up both of you to send your name on Mars forever. God forbid! but you may break up in coming times but you’ll still always be together. Maybe not here on Earth, but surely there in Outer Space. Boy! That’s lovely! This chip will carry you there:


Now if I am not wrong (I never am(Eeeegoooooo)), you must be thinking how the Freak do we send our names there? Here is the answer to your question.

1] Go to this website. If the link is not clickable, don’t be dumb, copy the URL in your browser URL section. Do something you lazy readers(Joke intended). And don’t worry its not an Ad. I am not some social media platform having a very simple logo and as complex algorithms to track your activities under the tag of security.


2] Fill in the required data.

3] Download your Boarding Pass. It looks something like this:

4] Print it and gift it to your loved ones. Now most probably you are going to have  good time.
Just a suggestion: Use protection. I was talking about a case where he/she might feel that its a foolish gift and throws a vase at you. Oh you Reader! God Bless You!

I had a good experience with Insight mission. I transported my whole family to Mars. Now tell me. Who says only Ironman and Spidey can go to outer space tagging along Dr.Strange? Now we can too. Sign up fast, there are just 1.3 million seats in that chip folks.

See you in space, readers. Till then………Writer out!

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