Nothing is useless in the world. But sometimes when we look at our old cell phones. The first thought appears in our mind is this thing is useless now. But now there is something that we can not think even. These old cell phones are used to save rainforests. Yes, this is true. Rainforest has some of the most complicated soundscapes. In this, there are noises of insects, primates, birds and everything else moves in the forest. And we need to detect the sound of illegal logging.


Now the world should think over this problem. We need to save our environment. Everyone should stop cutting trees. So now there is a concept called “TREES”. It is originally devised. For an elementary school audience. But it also serves well as a set of principles for saving rainforests. It also teaches, how to save the ecosystem on the world on a broader scale. We should teach others about the importance of the environment. Everyone should restore damaged ecosystem by planting trees on the land. Where forests are cut down. People should live in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. We need to establish parks to protect Rainforests and wildlife. Also, support companies that operate to minimize damage to the environment.


There are Physicist and Engineer, Topher White. According to him, he went to rainforests of Borneo. There he heard some sounds and got stuck there. He couldn’t hear the noises particularly. While on walk white and others saw an illegal logger. He was sawing down a tree just a hundred meters away from the ranger station. Because of this, White started thinking over this. He thought that to save this beautiful Earth`s rainforest. We should first listen to loggers and poachers. And then he innovated Rainforest Connection by using old cell phones. 


According to White, 50 to 90 percent of the logging happens in the world`s rainforests is illegal. To detect the chainsaws related to that activity can be tough yet. Because the air is already filled with the cacophony of nature. So he developed a system. He rigs a cell phone to stay charged by solar cells. He attached an extra microphone and listens. Because of this, the device can detect the voice of Chainsaw nearly a mile away. Cell phone reception often isn’t bad in the rain forest. When you are up in the canopy, it gets a signal from pretty far away. So this way the device can automatically detect the logging activity. And it sends a text alert to authorities. It can determine if it`s illegal and then stop it.  


White said I am not alone fighting against this. There are so many people and organizations who are fighting. And now also we should think over. Even you can give your cell phones to such works. If you can just help them do their job more effectively. Then you can really cut into the climate change equation. This might be the cheapest but fastest way to stop it.