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Whatsapp Group Feature Serious Bug: Here’s the Solution


To begin with I will say that this is the first website reporting this bug in Whatsapp. Now I will proceed with Making my point without wasting any of time because time is precious. Whatsapp has recently launched its update on 20th of June. The update comes with many fixes but Whatsapp probably needs to pay attention to a problem that we all are facing as a user.

The Problem.
The basic problem we are looking forward to here is that we are unable to send messages in a group. For E.g. Assume a four people strong group. The creator is set as a default admin. Then we make a new admin. The former admin is unable to send any messages. After a while, a warning message from WhatsApp occurs saying “You cannot send the messages to this group as you are not a part of it”.  Man? Seriously? I literally created the group!

The Diagnosis.

According to the knowledge I have the following is what is happening. But first let us assume some hypothetical scenarios. Consider that Whatsapp group mechanism works on two fronts.

  1. Admin Coordination (AC): This part is responsible for the assigning and maintaining equal rights for all admins as that of a default admin(Creator).
  2. Admin Rights (AR): This part has its focus on keeping the message exchange rights intact in real time.

According to my interpretation, the following is causing the problem.

  • Whatsapp has a primary way of maintaining system health i.e. message queue length. The queue length of all the processes on a node has to be constantly monitored and a signal has to be sent out if they accumulate above a threshold. If one or more processes fall back a signal is activated. This gives a pointer to the next bottleneck to start processing.
  • The creator of a group is set as default admin. This activates his AC and AR nodes.
  • Now as he adds other members to the group, they become his subnodes.
  • Once he promotes a member as an admin, the whole system comes under siege and two nodes now control the subnodes as well as each other.
  • This causes the AC and AR to desynchronize and cause a cycle delay. During this, the process goes in a bottleneck. As a result, Server delays the acceptance of messages.
  • Whatsapp server accepts the message once the bottlenecked process is released.
  • The delay according to my observation is 4 mins per person.
  • A deadlocked process results in error. The same problem persists in multi-participant addition.

The solution on this issue till Whatsapp fixes it?

  • Keep one admin for each new group created.
  • Add participants one by one.
  • Avoid creating huge traffic while adding and exchanging messages in groups created after 20 June 2018.
  • Use multiple admin features by promoting participants to Admin position after a consecutive gap of 4-10 mins.

We the Techie Scoops Team have escalated the matter to the company. I hope they solve it as soon as possible. They solved a similar problem in 2015.  Till then, let us take care of ourselves as a user. Keep Chatting. Know more about Whatsapp Security here. Please note that above article is completely based on my knowledge. Please do not completely rely on this.

Vishwajeet Ranade
[1] Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer(University Of Pune, India) [2] Software developer (SAP ABAP/JAVA/C++ etc.). [3] Microsoft Certified Technology Associate in Security Fundamentals. [4] IBM badge in Blockchain Essentials [5] IBM badge in Blockchain Developers Course [6] Trained in Biofield imaging technology from Centre Of Biofield Sciences (Affiliated to institute of complementary Medicine, UK) [7] Blockchain Researcher [8] Researcher in Image Processing, Audio technology and Physics

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