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Microsoft recently introduced a new update for its ever-evolving operating system windows 10 and they are calling this update of windows 10 as creators update. This built will introduce features like 3D paint, BEAM for X-BOX, night light, mini view, gaming mode, improvements to Edge browser and much more. Windows 10 creators update will launch tomorrow i.e. on  11 April 2017. [Download]

Windows 10 creators update

Features of Windows 10 creators update


#8. 3D PAINT

The reason behind calling this version of windows as creators update is because of inclusion of 3d drawing, VR/AR support and features for artists. Microsoft says that with creators update anyone can make 3d designs and object as simple as drawing in paint. Paint 3D is a new tool which allows users to draw and extrude 3d shapes and then you can print it by 3D printers as well.

Windows 10 creators update

This build also includes support for VR/AR development kit. This kit can be used to develop apps for Hololens a $3000 AR headset and other VR headsets as well.



X-BOX has always been a great service for gamers and with creators update, users can share gameplay live with friends with a feature called beam. Many gamers are playing games on their PCs but not all PCs reach requirements of some hardcore power hungry titles.

Windows 10 creators update

As a solution, Microsoft introduced a feature called game mode which redirects all system resources towards the game and isolating it from background processes. UWP apps will get the most benefit from this but normal games should see the boost in its performance.


#6. EDGE

 Edge is brand new browser introduced by Microsoft with the first version of windows 10. It’s a powerful and light browser and this built extends capabilities of browser further. Microsoft states that now the edge is faster than chrome and illustrates the power of now open sourced JavaScript engine Chakra.

Edge bumped to version 15063 with edgeHTML 15 rendering engine. A new feature called ‘Set tabs aside’ gives more power to users by allowing them to store their browsing sessions separate to ensure efficient task management. You can restore these tab groups easily.

Windows 10 creators update

Windows 10 creators update

Also, you can see previews of open tabs at the same time. Edge also supports web payment request API to ensure secure and easy online transactions. With creators update, Microsoft is also launching a new section in Microsoft store as books. Which allows users to buy and read E-books in edge browser. For web developers edge now supports custom CSS properties natively. Also, the edge is now the only browser to support 4K Netflix streaming.



This is not a big feature but it’s a neat one so it deserved mention. The night light is Microsoft’s own version of flux a popular blue light reduction software which reduces blue light coming from computer display to give it warmer look at night so it will not hurt your eyes and helps the brain to sleep easily.

Windows 10 creators update

The timing of night light can be configured easily and an amount of reduction is configurable.



This is also a little feature which is awesome to have. Basically, it sets a particular window pinned above all others. This feature comes handy when watching a movie or during a Skype call. Developers can easily include this functionality in their apps so any app can take advantage of this feature.



With this update Microsoft allows users to manage which data they want to send to Microsoft after heavy criticism on privacy issue on windows 10. Although home and pro users will get advanced options, enterprise user will not able to tweak privacy that much but it’s good to see Microsoft is concerned about user privacy.

Windows 10 creators update

Windows defender is also getting a visual overhaul and most robust performance upgrade. It’s now a UWP app and looks consistent across system UI.



Start menu also getting some tweaks as well. Now you can completely turn off all programs list and display only tiles on the start menu.

Windows 10 creators update

You can always access by clicking on program list icon in hamburger menu. Also, start menu supports file folders which allow users to group tiles under single tile and save space.



If you always have a phone with you then this feature will unlock PC when you are in proximity with your PC and locks it when you are not around. This works by pairing device with PC via Bluetooth.

Some Other features

Windows 10 creators update



Cortana now able to understand and perform more system based commands, also Cortana is now available when installing windows so you can configure most of the process by voice. You can now set monthly reminders in Cortana.

Windows 10 creators update


Settings app is now redesigned in some sections and also introduces new categories for better navigation. It also has more option to configure.

Personalisation now includes theme section which allows a user to download and set themes for their desktops.



Creators update allows users to manage when updates to install or not also you can now pause updates up to 35 days but this option is only available for Pro, Education, and Enterprises users.

Windows 10 creators update

Now windows also support delta updates which only downloads part of the software which would be updated instead of downloading in entire package reducing download size dramatically.



Whenever windows stumble across an error which is big enough to crash your system then it shows a blue screen with some useful data but in this update, the color has been changed to green and there is also a QR code for more information if needed.


Sometimes our computer gets flooded with unnecessary and garbage data which consumes our limited storage capacity. With creators update, you can set windows to delete unnecessary data automatically every 30 days. This feature is disabled by default.

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