With women taking over and working with the men in equal measures in all the fields, they have now come up with the Global Women in Data Science Conference 2019. A conference that will be held on 23rd March 19, 2019, at the Persistent-Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Pune.


The Women in Data Science also known as WiDS is an initiative that aims to inspire and educate data Scientists around the world. The aim is not to promote gender or provide them with special facilities, the aim is to educate Data Scientists irrespective of the gender and at the same time extend an arm of support to the women in this field.

Global Women in Data Science Conference 2019, Pune

This annual one-day conference is an opportunity for every person who would attend. The conference focuses on the latest data science research and applications in multiple domains. It is a platform that will feature outstanding women doing outstanding work in their field of work.

This is a regional event that is organized by the WiDS Ambassadors. WiDS Pune is an independent event that will coincide with the annual Global Women in Data Science conference 2019 that will be held at Stanford University. It will be held at an estimated 150+ locations around the globe. The event in Pune is organized by Ms. Sucheta Dhere, Ambassador, Primary License holder from Stanford University WiDS program, a woman who has conceptualized, spearheaded this initiative in the city of Pune which has gathered huge momentum in last 1 month.

What sets a WiDS conference apart from others??

There are points that the organizers have taken into consideration that really make a difference in how things happen. First and foremost it is a highly inclusive event with no injustice done to anyone or anything based on anything. It is a completely Non-profit the aim is to share knowledge. The Conference is restricted to the people registered, the entry will be allowed by Invitations only.

There are a number of excellent speakers who will be present for the conference. This is a sincere and genuine effort to share knowledge. No entertainment of frills and fancies. The conference focuses on the demonstration rather than just speaking. Demonstration helps to understand and believe easily. Other than these there are other factors like live streaming and pre-conference events.

Every individual of the market or of the field is welcomed to attend the conference be it an academician or an expert. It is a place for all. Along with this, the conference is also the place to find the diversity of domains that will be gathering together. From IT to agriculture every domain is present.

This conference is a place where a lot will happen driven by experts and delivered to everyone. A perfect blend of the diversity of people and domains.

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