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Apple WWDC18 Coverage : iOS 12 Open Siri suggestions, Group Face Time, AR Kit 2.0, Memoji and More!


Apple Announces iOS 12: Group FaceTime, AR Kit 2.0, Memoji, and More

Apple WWDC18 live stream just got over and Apple has Released a ton of goodies for the developer. Here are the most interesting and important new features of iOS 12.

Apple has always been known and respected for hardware to software optimization, no wonder devices as old as the iPhone 5s is going to be supported for iOS 12 later this year. To bring this possible Apple has doubled down its performance in iOS 12 App animations and loading times are 70% Swipe right for camera opens 50% faster and the keyboard appears 2X as in their app load stress test.



Moving towards the big improvements. ARKit 2.0 was unveiled that now allows developers to create a single shared ar file that can be used in any app of iOS. Developers can make ar games with shared ar capabilities.

ARKit 2.0 can now detect 3d objects in real time. Moving on too animoji Apple has released a set of new emojis and animojies for iOS 12. That includes a tiger 🐯 ghost👻 a Dinosaur and a Kuala🐨

Along with these Apple has now come up with Memoji that’s basically real-time 3d animoji. Thanks to iPhone X’s built in set of tracking cameras it can track your face and make a real time 3d animoji of yours. This feature is also included in apples new FaceTime app that now allows you to multi-group chat with up to 32 people.


Talking about Siri. It’s got new shortcuts Now in iOS 12, Siri is going to be much smarter as Apple has added the access machine learning Apps can have direct shortcuts in Siri with custom user phrases.

Users can also make there own custom shortcuts with a help of a new app called Siri shortcuts. These shortcuts can do multiple things at once, for example, saying “I am coming home ” Siri will change the lights of your home to welcome you. It will order dinner from the restaurants u always order and turn on your Apple TV so you could enjoy your final episode of game of thrones while having dinner, notifications are now grouped depending on the subject and can easily be dismissed with just a simple left swipe. A much-needed feature in iOS.Now Apple also really cares about how people use their smartphones and are getting unhealthy with actual physical relationships with their loved once, so now IOS 12 can tell you how many apps you use in a daily purpose and what apps consume most of the screen time that you wanna stop.

You can set timers for each app and once the timer is up you won’t be able to use that certain app. Do not disturb also gets a new feature like, when active it will hide all the notifications you receive and will only show you once you disable do not disturb mode.

Stocks and iBooks receive some design changes and now included news app in stock. iBooks now renamed to Apple Books now. These where some major changes in iOS 12 . iOS 12 will be available as a free download in September for devices up from 2013.

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