It’s Saturday and already ZERO movie is the new sensation both in the entertainment industry and the technology industry. Shahrukh has always been the game catcher. This actor works to impress. And now he has come up with another such wow factor for his fans and foes alike. The 5’ 7” actor is acting to be a 3’ dwarf!! He actually left us scratching our heads. Well, one cannot reduce his height for a movie. Building and reducing the physic for a movie is a general thing. But height?? How??

As always technology to the rescue. Yess!! VFX is the pathway to this treasure. The very technology that made Shahrukh Khan a dwarf and Hagrid a giant.

What is VFX??

Visual effects (abbreviated as VFX)  is a process of creating and manipulating an image outside of the context of a shot in a movie. In simpler words VFX edits the way a person or a thing appears in a movie. The size, shape, appearance everything is editable.

VFX not only edits the way a person looks but also the environment in which he appears to be. Some environments can be dangerous, expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes impractical to exist. We definitely cannot go into space to shoot a space scene. VFX creates these virtual environments. 

A VFX based movie isn’t edited on the go. In such movies, the team first shoots the movie and then the whole movie is edited scene by scene. This requires planning from an early stage. The scenes are shot in accordance with the editing plans.

VFX techniques

VFX is not one thing, it’s a combination of many. A few of them are listed below

Bullet Time

Bullet time also known as the froze moment or the dead time. It transforms the time and space of an object in context with the other things in a scene. Like slowing down a bullet before it hits the target or moving the camera around the area to give a direct view of the scene.

Computer Generated Imagery

Computer-generated imagery creates graphics for movies and images. It designs the background and then merges it with the actual scene. CGI is also used in 2D as well as 3D animation. A house in the clouds is not actually located in clouds. VFX makes it appear that way.

Motion Control photography

In motion control photography, the photographer clicks various images of different things on the same background. The same camera movement is used to record. Later the editor clubs all the records into one. As if they were present at the same time. For example, we can record several car movements on the same road and later club them together to show them all together.

Digital compositing

In digital composting, we gather various images to make one image. Just like creating a grid of it. This seems to be a simple and easy task but trust me it’s not if you want an excellent outcome.

Virtual cinematography

Virtual cinematography is the process of filming a real-time object from various angles.various camera set-ups film an object in different angles. These are later used to re-create it as a 3D objects, just like making the toys alive.

Matte painting

Matte painting is a painted representation of a set or location. It helps filmmakers to create an illusion of something that is not present at the time of filming or can probably never be. Aliens are never really attacking the earth but they can if it’s a movie.

Stop motion animation

Stop motion animation is the animated-film making technique. The objects are photographed with slight increments to create an action. These photographs then create an effect of a motion when played at a high speed. Usually, toys with bendable joints or clay models are used for this.  Stop motion using humans are sometimes referred to as a pixelated animation.


Movies are no more just shoot, give voices, match the voice and lipsing and release. It is a whole pack of technological study. VFX has definitely opened up a new world to the filmmakers. The experiments with VFX are definitely going to surprise us even more, and that is for sure. VFX is literally redefining definitions about the film industry today.

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