In this era of technology, we have seen many new technologies from Blockchain to Machine Learning. The Decentralized Internet is one of them and ZeroNet is an example. In this article, we share about ZeroNet and how it can be useful to our community. So, let’s get started.

What is ZeroNet?


ZeroNet is a decentralized computer network of peer-to-peer users built in Python and is a fully open source project. It uses BitTorrent and Bitcoin Cryptography to make it decentralized and impervious to censorship network.

Why do we need ZeroNet?

1) No Censorship

Want to access uncensored stuff over the ZeroNet web is what you need; it uses the Peer-to-Peer (BitTorrent) Technology, here website is shared with peers and every peer is a server for that website, there is no centralized server for websites. Isn’t it cool! Due to this, one of the main benefit of its website neither offline nor down, which is amazing. It can also run using only one peer.

2) Work Offline

Work Offline You can access website even if the internet is not available, First time you use the internet it will update your previously accessed website only incremental updates and then it will store locally in your computer, which can view without internet also.

3) Impossible to shutdown

Once the website is published in it and got enough peers then the website is everywhere. Many users all around the world serve the website. You just cannot find every user and tell them to stop serving that website. Therefore, the website it is impossible to shut down until the user does not want to serve that website.

4) Anonymity networks

By Default, it uses Tor to hide IP address of users. Whenever users start it, Tor itself starts and work with it to hide Identities of Users. Simple is that.

5) Fast

ZeroNet is using BitTorrent Technology Peer-To-Peer system like a torrent. That is how the Decentralized built and that is why downloading files from it is faster than centralized servers.

6) Secure

It uses Bitcoin cryptography for site addresses and content signing/verification. This is the same cryptography to protect your Bitcoin wallet. It also uses Bitcoin’s BIP32 based authorization to protect the user’s identities. Namecoin’s blockchain is also being used for domain registrations.

NOTE: It is not using Bitcoin Blockchain; it is only using its cryptography for encryption.

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7) Open source

It is completely open source anyone can share their ideas in it also can make completely new internet just like ZeroNet if you know how to do it!

How ZeroNet Work?

  • If you see regular website need a centralized server from which user’s access it, download, and see stuff. This Centralized server cost the website owner in order to run website smoothly.
  • It replaces this completely standard method of hosting on a single server to a peer-to-peer network like the torrent.
  • The Website is hosted by the peer who is using the same site at the same time you start seeding website automatically to other visitors, which they download website content from your computer just as you did it from another peer.
  • Thus, there is no hosting website cost is involved it is 100% free.
  • As of there is no centralized server, there’s also no single point of failure, immune to censorship and DCMA shutdown websites like other popular torrents likes Torrentz, thepiratebay, KickAss, etc.

Still, it is in the BETA process and new features like Peer discovery using DHT and Private Sites are being added in future upcoming Versions of it.

ZeroNet Features

ZeroNet is easy, zero-configuration setup

Real-Time Updated Websites:

  • Whenever you open ZeroNet it will automatically update the websites from the last used.
  • This will add any changes made by the owner of the website will directly update on your side.
  • You can also manually update the website as per your need.

Namecoin .bit domains support:

  • ZeroNet uses Namecoin’s blockchain for domain registrations.
  • Here your website domain can be .bit Domain for it using Namecoin’s blockchain.

SQL Database support:

  • It has inbuilt SQL Database.
  • That is why page load times are faster and creating the website in it is easier.


  • For Anonymity of ZeroNet users, it is using Tor for Strong Anonymity network support with .onion hidden services instead of ipv4 addresses.

TLS encrypted connections:

  • It uses TLS (HTTPS) which best way to be immune to man in middle attacks. Connections to the peers encrypted always.

Automatic, UPnP port opening:

  • Sometimes users do not always know how to open a port on its Home router or not authorized due to this it may not give best to the users.
  • Therefore, It has an inbuilt feature of UPnP Port opening. Whenever router has UPnP enable will automatically open the port, which is necessary for it.

Works with any browser/OS:

  • ZeroNet can work in OS it can be windows, Linux or Mac. It only needs the browser which can open URL and support necessary plugins nowadays every browser have the capability to run it.


What can you do in ZeroNet?

It provides some of its own websites are as follows:

1. ZeroSites

  • ZeroSites is like the telephone directory.
  • In here, you will able to find some of the popular websites in it as well as new websites, which were launched recently.



2. ZeroMe

  • ZeroMe is a P2P Social Network in which you can chat and explore people over the platform who uses the ZeroMe.




3. ZeroMail

  • ZeroMail is an End-to-End Encrypted email service, which ZeroMail provide in ZeroNet Network.
  • Here you can send and receive the email to another Person using ZeroMail.



4. ZeroBlog

  • ZeroBlog you can read blogs of other users, as well as can create your own Blog by following producers given in ZeroBlog > Create New Blog.


5. ZeroTalk

  • You all heard of Reddit one of the most famous Forum on the Internet to talk about various topics.
  • Just like that on this platform, there is ZeroTalk in which you can talk about any topic you like. You can also say it’s can Decentralized Forum.



6. Play

  • It is a one the famous Website in it, which provide us Movies just like we search in torrent websites.
  • Here this website cannot be shut down as others were shut down like kickass, torrentz, and many more.
  • Play provides a very interactive page in which you click on a movie, which every you like after then select quality you want to watch SD, 720p or 1080p, those links are magnet links which is opened in Torrent Client like Tixati, Utorrent, BitTorrent, etc.
  • In addition, the movie starts downloading without any advertisement or unnecessary fake download buttons. Simple is that.
  • URL for Play is


7. Kaffiene Search Engine

  • Need to find some websites or content in it? Google will not work here.
  • Therefore, Kaffiene a ZeroNet Web Search Engine is just simply entering your query and find whatever you need it.
  • URL for Kaffiene is



Therefore, this was few concepts of what ZeroNet is and what you can do with it. This Decentralized Internet platform is growing rapidly, people who know about it they are already using it because it sounds cool that there is no server to run internet, everybody is the internet in this technology.

Currently, this technology still needs some more changes and development and make it easy for future use; this is future of the Internet.

Once we were using Mobiles with Keypads in 2005 and after just 10 years, we are using big touch screen mobiles. You never know when technology evolves at what speed, we should keep up with it so no one can outrun us.

You can Download ZeroNet form 


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